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Columnist, educator, and consultant, Richard Griffin has wide experience as a writer and speaker. His articles have appeared in many publications - - New York Times, America, Commonweal - - to cite only a few. He has given talks on retirement and other aging issues in Vancouver, Des Moines, San Francisco, Florida, Oregon, as well as many places in Massachusetts.

As a member of the Jesuit order and a Roman Catholic priest for many years, Richard Griffin served as Catholic chaplain at Harvard University from 1968 to 1975, a period of unprecedented ferment in both church and university.

He is co-author of a popular book on aging which appeared in 1996. Entitled What’s Next: A Guide to Valued Aging and Other High-Wire Adventures, it deals with the later years as a new stage of life with vibrant possibilities. Earlier, Griffin contributed an autobiographical chapter to the book Aging and the Religious Dimension, published in 1994. He was a Contributing Writer for the Boston Book Review for which he reviewed from 1996 on.

He writes a weekly column on aging which appears in some 40 newspapers of the Boston-area Community Newspaper Company. This column is carried by both urban and suburban papers and has drawn widespread favorable reader response. From 1998 to 2005 he wrote another weekly newspaper column, this one on spirituality, which circulated in 26 communities of northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

Formerly director of elder services for the City of Cambridge MA, Griffin developed and administered programs which benefited thousands of citizens over age 60 and their families. He also consulted with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on preretirement programs.

He has had significant experience with work/family issues and has presented workshops on elder care to a variety of companies in the metropolitan Boston area. In addition he has helped plan and conduct conferences, for business, on older people as consumers of goods and services.

Griffin’s professional interests also include issues of diversity in the workplace, with special attention to older workers and workers with disabilities. He is co-author of a book intended to help managers deal with these and other related issues. Entitled Workplace Diversity: A Manager’s Guide to Solving Problems and Turning Diversity to a Competitive Advantage, it appeared in the summer of 1995.

A native of metropolitan Boston, Griffin was a member of the class of 1951 at Harvard College and holds degrees from Boston College and Weston Jesuit School of Theology. He lives in Cambridge with his wife, until her retirement a professor of French at Simmons College. Their daughter Emily graduated from Harvard College in June, 2001.