Written by Richard Griffin   
Tuesday, October 08 2013 08:07

Frequent phone calls, frequent mailings, occasional front porch visits - - these are the way we figure in the current race for the 5h Congressional District seat. Our former congressman, Ed Markey, served my part of town for only a few months, before going on to a senate seat. 


That was the result of the way we were redistricted out of our former political location, thanks to the unwanted changes made by our state legislature. That move caused us to lose Mike Capuano, our congressman for the previous ten years or so. I liked Mike and would have elected to keep him, but we weren’t given that option.


As I explained to members of my Monday evening audience at one of our local assisted living facilities, those among them who are also getting frequent calls and mailings from the seven candidates for the seat are those who have voted in the past.  They are the only ones who hear from those running; other people are judged not worth contacting because the chances are they will not be voting. So, people can feel good about themselves knowing they re the valued ones. At times they may feel imposed upon, but to my mind they have good reason for celebrating recognition as real voters.